Expert Home Maintenance Service
in Rumson, Fair Haven, Little Silver, New Jersey & Surrounding Areas

We specialize in providing comprehensive home maintenance solutions in Rumson, New Jersey, covering everything from routine upkeep to emergency repairs. Our services include plumbing, electrical work, HVAC maintenance, roofing repairs, painting, and more. Whether you need to fix a leaky faucet, replace a light fixture, or tackle a larger renovation project, our experienced team is here to help. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to keep your home in top condition. Say goodbye to maintenance headaches and let us handle all your home maintenance needs today!

We get it! It can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience for homeowners to find good, reliable help in your area. Have you spent hours googling, researching, and calling around, only to find yourself with no good solution?  Maybe you are still spinning your wheels. The good news is your search can end here because Handy Homes is the one-stop-shop for all your honey dos and home maintenance.

With a Handy Homes membership no job is too small, and we see most of our members twice a month, so we are always just a click, call, or chat away.

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You will learn about the “Three Ps” of ProCare




When it comes to preventative maintenance we are proactive.



We want to identify and catch issues before they become problems and we want to maintain appliances and systems to manufacturer standards for increased protection and longevity.



To maintain the energy efficiency and keep your home, systems, and appliances running at peak performance.

Because we visit our members monthly, this allows us to provide comprehensive home maintenance from changing/cleaning filters 2-4 times a year, spring setups, winterizing, comprehensive appliance and home system maintenance, to making sure kitchen and bath caulking is sharp and well-maintained.

Since we visit our members on a monthly basis, we are able to provide comprehensive home maintenance services. These services include changing/cleaning filters multiple times a year, seasonal spring setup, winterizing, maintaining appliances and home systems, and ensuring that kitchen and bath caulking is sharp and well-maintained. It’s can feel like living in luxury  hotel. Your house will thank you. And your wallet will thank you for catching issues early and keeping your systems at peak performance.


Exterior Inspections

thorough inspection of your home’s entire exterior to check for pests, damage, rot, water damage, window screens, AC condensers, exterior vents, foundation, roof, gutters, hose bibs, hoses, mailbox posts, doors, and windows.

We even remove all those gross cobwebs 🕸️

Interior Inspections

Thorough check-ups of your home’s HVAC systems, inspect and tighten laundry hoses, electrical switches and outlets, garbage disposal, sump pumps, interior doors, all faucets, refrigerations seals and gaskets, fire extinguishers, kitchen and bath caulking, and fireplace and pilot light.  We will also check your home for house-wide draft and cold zones, ensure proper window operation, and a 5 point garage door safety and system check.

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Simplify Your
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Handy Homes is the all-in-one solution for all your home maintenance needs.

Handy Homes helps homeowners save time and money by removing the burden and hassles of maintaining their homes. Now you can enjoy a well-maintained home and never think about home maintenance again.