Mounting & Hanging Services

Welcome to our premier mounting and hanging service in Rumson, New Jersey. We take pride in offering top-notch solutions for all your mounting and hanging needs. From picture hanging to mirror installation, blind and curtain installation, curtain rail/pole hanging, shelves mounting, and storage unit installation, we've got you covered. Our services extend beyond Rumson to neighboring areas such as Fair Haven, Little Silver, Red Bank, Sea Bright, Monmouth, and more.

Hanging and Mounting Pictures, Artwork, Mirrors in New Jersey

Handy Homes members are able to complete all those overdue hanging and mounting tasks at home or at your office in a snap!

We hang and mount Pictures, Art, TVs, Shelves, Hooks, Racks, Furniture, Whiteboards, Blinds, Curtains, Cabinets to almost any substrate including drywall, brick, concrete, and cement board. Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Just ask us

Whether you've been unsure about how to fit your new blinds, struggled to install and align correctly a heavy oak mirror, or you've got a set of bookshelves that need to be mounted on the wall, we can help. By relying on our expert approach, professional tools, and attention to detail, you will be able to transform and enhance your property interior in no time at all. We will help you put the finishing touches on your home in a safe, skillful, and aesthetic fashion.

Our hanging, mounting, and installation services

Although most people have a set of basic tools and the willingness to do the occasional repair or installation task at home, not everyone manages to find the time to complete them.

When it comes to applying the right practical skills to hang artwork correctly on the wall, perform a perfect curtain rail installation, or mount a kitchen unit properly, for instance, often the job result is unsatisfactory. Hence, to avoid a DIY mishap, call Handy Homes' professional handymen to give you a hand with:

  • Picture hanging: Proper and correct alignment after precise measurements are taken.
  • Mirror hanging: We will ensure that the mirror is fitted with the right hanging hardware.
  • Blind and curtain installation: We can customize your windows to fit your individual needs.
  • Curtain rail/pole hanging: Done with the precision and attention to detail that the task requires.
  • Shelves mounting: We can securely fit any shelves to all types of walls.
  • Storage unit installation: Kitchen cupboards, bathroom units, and more will be installed in a professional and safe manner.

What can your dedicated handyman do for you?

Below we list in more detail the vast array of installation jobs a handyman can perform for you. Note that your dedicated handyman will arrive with the right tools and hardware supplies to execute the service.

  • Picture hanging: Hanging paintings on brick/plaster walls, poster hanging, maps hanging, noticeboards installation, office presentation equipment fitting, and other artwork or wall decor installation.
  • Mirror hanging: Tilted mirrors hanging, framed mirrors installation, large mirrors fitting, heavy mirrors wall mounting, hanging of pivoting and swing arm mirrors.
  • Blinds and curtain installation: Any type of blind installation inside or outside a recess of a window or on windows without recess (vertical, roman, venetian blinds), roller shades fitting, window shutters installation, curtain and drape hanging.
  • Curtain rail/pole installation: Fitting curtain tracks to a ceiling, curtain pole installation, hanging curtain rails.
  • Shelves mounting: Secure mounting of bookshelves on any wall medium, kitchen shelves installation, bathroom shelves fitting.
  • Storage unit installation: Any type of wall unit mounting, kitchen cupboards installation, bathroom storage systems fitting.

Furthermore, you may wish to combine more than one service and book our door installation, TV mounting, furniture assembly, or carpentry solutions, as well as have any other repair or odd job done at home on the same day as your hanging and mounting service.

TV Wall Installation Service in Monmouth County, New Jersey

So, you’ve purchased a new TV but you don’t have the tools or the time to install it? Not to worry, book our professional TV wall mounting service in Melbourne for a day and time that suits your schedule! Handy Homes has fully trained and experienced handypeople who will complete the job with precision and up to your satisfaction. They are equipped with high-end tools and have the expertise to mount your TV on any type of wall securely and at a safe and enjoyable viewing distance.

What can the TV wall mounting experts do?

Handy Homes TV installation professionals are trained to handle all types of contemporary television sets, and we have the expertise to securely mount your TV on any type of wall from drywall to brick and concrete.

We can even hide unsightly cables and dress the opening with a clean finish. Trust us to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience.

And why not get other hanging and mounting jobs done on the same day as your TV installation service? Since, your HandyPro is there already, equipped with a range of power tools and supplies, you can have your heavy oak framed mirror mounted, some artwork hanged, or a set of shelves installed expertly and securely.

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