Door Repair Service
in Rumson, Fair Haven, Little Silver, New Jersey & Surrounding Areas

Welcome to Handy Man, your trusted source for door repair and installation services in Rumson, NJ, and surrounding neighborhoods such as Fair Haven, Little Silver, Red Bank, and Sea Bright. Our skilled carpenters excel in replacing broken hinges, installing new doors and storm doors, fixing squeaking hinges, and repairing damaged door surfaces. Need new locks or doorknobs? We've got you covered with complete replacements and installations. Trust Handy Man for expert door fitting and repair solutions that enhance the security and functionality of your home.

Door Repairs and Installation in New Jersey

Struggling with a malfunctioning door or a sticky lock? Handy Homes in New Jersey is your go-to solution. Our team of skilled handymen handles a wide array of door repair and installation:

What can a door repair specialist do?

Our handymen are trained and experienced to fix different types of doors and locks, as well as replace them if they are beyond repair. If you are unsure about what exactly the issue is with your door, members can easily communicate with their primary HandyPro in our convenient app for advice or with any questions you might have.

Door Repair Service

  • Replace broken hinges and repair door surfaces.
  • Installation of new doors and storm doors.
  • Fix squeaking doors, sagging doors, misalignments, or damaged door glass.
  • Fixing squeaking hinges.
  • Fix and re-hang misaligned doors.
  • Repair, patch, and painting of damaged doors (ie. scratches, dings, etc)

Door Locks and Doorknobs

Don’t put up with malfunctioning doors and sticky locks at home but get help right away! Paul’s Handyman has the specialists to provide you with a solution to a range of door repair tasks.

  • Complete doorknob and lock replacements and installations.
  • Expertise in fixing sticky and misaligned locks, and broken key extractions.
  • Installing new deadbolts
  • Installing smart doorbells such as Ring.

Door fitting service

Your HandyPro will remove the old door and measure precisely its replacement. He will install the hinges and the new door to fit perfectly to the door frame. The handyman will install and adjust any additional components (knobs, handles) to ensure that the door functions correctly.

Enjoy the convenience of combining door repair with other services like door painting, blinds installation, and TV mounting. Our skilled handymen arrive fully equipped, ensuring your door services are completed efficiently and effectively. Trust Handy Homes for all your door needs in New Jersey.

Simplify Your
Home Maintenance Tasks

Handy Homes is the all-in-one solution for all your home maintenance needs.

Handy Homes helps homeowners save time and money by removing the burden and hassles of maintaining their homes. Now you can enjoy a well-maintained home and never think about home maintenance again.