Frequently Asked Questions
Handy Homes Monmouth County, NJ


What's included in a Handy Homes membership?

Complete Home Care our most popular membership pairs you with one dedicated HandyPro who you can schedule for up to two visits (1 hr and 45 mins per visit) each membership month. Your HandyPro will complete tasks entered on your to-do list, perform comprehensive proactive maintenance, and provide you with helpful advice. All HandyPro labor is included and there is no per visit fee for your regular HandyPro visits.

All members can schedule additional help at a discounted rate of $99/hr (non-member rate is $125/hr) for any additional labor beyond the included hours of your active package. Check out Our Services for some inspiration for other ways we can help.

All Handy Homes members can opt-in to member-only perks like discounted Seasonal Opt-in Services such as gutter cleaning, window washing, knife sharpening, etc., as well as delightful Community perks such as clothing drive pickups and e-waste recycling.  

For larger projects requiring specialized trades, Handy Homes can help source vendors and help coordinate the process. Specialty vendor costs will be billed to you. This service extends to built-in appliances as well; if one fails, we'll arrange for a specialist to repair or advise on replacement options.

You’ll also receive access to the Handy Homes App, where you’ll be able to book appointments, message your HandyPro and our Homeowner Success Team with questions, and update your to-do list with new tasks. To get started book a free walk-through to meet your HandyPro, review your to-do list, and have a task or two knocked off. It's a great way to meet your HandyPro and understand his capabilities. No credit card required.

What areas do you serve?

Handy Homes is currently serving the following New Jersey neighborhoods: Rumson, Little Silver, Fair Haven, Sea Bright, and Red Bank. We're planning to expand soon! Want us in your town? Email us at with your location.

How do the Seasonal Opt-in Services work?

As part of your Handy Homes membership you can take advantage of common, but less frequent, services such as gutter cleaning, window washing, and more [see list]. We buy these services in bulk and pass savings to our members, removing the hassle and uncertainty of finding quality solutions on your own.

Partner offers are presented in our mobile app where you can opt-in after reviewing the cost and details. Handy Homes will help coordinate and schedule partner services to ensure smooth delivery. We pay the partners on your behalf, and bill your credit card on file.

Your membership is a worry-free way of supporting more local businesses without sacrificing convenience or quality.

Will Handy Homes shop for parts and materials?

Your HandyPro will come prepared with basic parts needed for everyday small tasks (nails, basic caulk, etc). If you task requires other parts, you have the option of purchasing those yourself or having us research and purchase these on your behalf. If you choose the latter, we’ll add a nominal $10 shopping fee to cover the cost of researching and purchasing parts. This fee is fixed (not a percentage) and charged per visit requiring parts (not per part). For parts more than $100, we will also ask for approval to purchase in the app.

⭐ For parts and materials that you will be looking at or touching every day, such as new kitchen faucet, we recommend you pick out yourself. We are happy to assist with advice.

Is Handy Homes Licensed and Insured?

Handy Homes is insured in New Jersey, and we hold $2 million in liability and full workers compensation coverage in each municipality or county as required by local regulations. We operate under NJ HIC# 13VH13115000

How do I keep track of my honey-do list?

When you want to add a honey-do to your list, simply text us on at 848-420-9050, attach a pic if you like, and we will add it to your list. Next month we will be releasing our Handy Homes where you will be able to manage your honey-dos, ProCare personalized home care, schedule/reschedule your visits, and view your home's maintenance history.

Do I have to become a member to use your services?

We welcome all homeowners in our service area. We hope you'll consider the great savings and value of our memberships, but we also work with customers on an hourly basis, as well. For more details please see

What are some of the common tasks my HandyPro can handle?

Your HandyPro is skilled across many domains such as minor plumbing, carpentry, drywall repair, painting, and general handywork around your home. Your HandyPro can typically complete over 90% of tasks themselves, most of which can be completed in under 2 hours.

When a job does require a specialist, we’ll connect you to the right vendor and can help with coordination, saving you valuable time, and providing peace of mind of a high quality specialist referral.

Here are some common tasks and services we provide every day.

Are there services Handy Homes doesn’t provide directly?

Although we can handle over 90% of member requests, there are some service that may require a specialist. Don’t worry, our Homeowner Success Team will make it a stress-free experience! We maintain, and regularly update, a panel of specialist partners who have proven to work to our high standard and to be reliable in terms of performance. The standard of our partner’s work is regularly assessed based on Handy Homes inspections and feedback from clients.  

Here are some examples of when we refer specialists: Junk removal, bathroom remodel, adding new electrical outlets, roof repairs, large drywall project, or help finding a licensed contractor for larger jobs.

How is Handy Homes different from finding and managing my own list of home service vendors?

Handy Homes removes the burden of researching, finding, coordinating, and scheduling high quality vendors, so homeowners can spend more time enjoying their homes without the hassles. We maintain, and regularly update, a panel of specialist partners who have proven to work to our high standard and to provide exceptional service and quality.

What are the benefits of a Handy Homes membership?

Peace and mind knowing your home investment is cared for by professionals.

Discounted hourly rates ($99/hr vs $125/hr) so you can add as many Honey Dos and tasks as you need

A customized and personalized home maintenance plan

Regular visits from a dedicated professional HandyPro

  • Continuous care and maintenance of your home investment by a professional.
  • Avoiding the hassle of contacting and scheduling multiple different companies for various tasks. Our Homeowner Success Team will help coordinate any home projects we can’t handle directly.
  • Regular visits enable the Handy Homes professional to become familiar with your home and its specific needs, allowing them to deliver personalized and efficient service.
Do you charge a per visit fee?

No, you just pay for the first hour, and we bill to the nearest minute once we complete the job.

How do you vet your handymen?

Each HandyPro is rigorously evaluated for quality, service, and friendliness, which involves a background check and practical examination. We also provide ongoing training for all our pros. Our HandyPros have years of experience, value their work, and appreciate engaging with homeowners. We are also fully licensed to handle all your HVAC repair and maintenance.

How are you different from a home warranty?

Handy Homes stands out from traditional home warranties by being a proactive homecare partner, not just a reactive solution. While home warranties typically offer coverage for major repairs or replacements after issues arise, we focus on keeping your home in top condition from the start. We don’t bind you with complex contracts or time constraints. Instead, we offer a wide variety of in-home services, from routine maintenance to small repairs, ensuring comprehensive and hassle-free home upkeep. Unlike home warranties, we’re involved in every aspect of home maintenance, big or small, providing quality workmanship and a more complete care experience for homeowners. A home warranty will never come out to repair your walls, hang art, assemble furniture, or maintain your generator.

What preventative maintenance is performed?

Proactively maintaining your home's systems is crucial to protecting your valuable investment and ensuring your home's safety. Often, homeowners are unaware of necessary maintenance on their home’s appliances and systems, leading to potential safety hazards and costly repairs or replacements that could have been avoided.

ProCare: Autopilot for your home.  Your home and your pocketbook will thank you. Our team automatically proactively manages and performs all of your home’s systems and appliances  preventative maintenance. We manage it so you don’t have to. We keep a record of all your home care, repairs, and maintenance, which is easily accessible through your Handy Homes app.

With a Handy Homes membership, you can easily automate all your home's maintenance and upkeep tasks. We record all maintenance, repairs, and tasks in your home's profile for easy and quick reference anytime you need.

See Membership Services for some of the more common tasks and proactive maintenance broken out by season.

Does Handy Homes have a referral program?

Yes! Members can receive a $100 credit for every new member they refer that signs up for a Handy Homes membership. The credit will be applied to their next invoice(s) from Handy Homes.


How often will I see my HandyPro?

Basic Home Care members receive four visits per year, roughly every three months, to perform essential home maintenance tasks. Should you need additional help in between visits, you can schedule additional visits at the exclusive member rate of $99 per extra hour.

Complete Home Care members, you can expect to see your primary HandyPro two times per month to work through any of your entered tasks, plus we will incorporate a comprehensive home maintenance plan tailed to the unique needs of your home.  

For our pay by the hour customers, you can schedule service at your convenience.  Hourly customers can easily upgrade to a membership to take advantage of our valuable member perks and discounted rates.

Will my HandyPro assist with procuring parts and materials?

Our HandyPros come prepared with basic materials such as nails, standard caulk, tape, etc to cover standard home tasks. If your project requires other parts or materials, you have two options: 1) your HandyPro can shop for your materials for a $15 shopping fee to cover the cost of time to research and do the shopping; or 2) you may purchase the items yourself.The shopping fee is a flat $15 per shopping visit, and there is no additional per item fee.  For items over $100 we will get your approval and authorization before purchasing.We recommend that homeowners pick out items you will touch and use everyday such as plumbing or electrical fixtures.

Why is Handy Homes set up as a membership?

We've designed our primary service as a monthly membership because it lets us assign a dedicated handyperson to our members within a neighborhood. This way, you'll always have someone you know and trust taking care of your home. Plus, you'll receive consistent, reliable, and high-quality service with every visit.

Join your other neighbors who’ll never look back.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your membership at any time without penalty. For annual memberships paid upfront, should you cancel, you'll be treated as if you were a monthly member during that time. We'll refund you your original yearly payment less the monthly rate for each month you've been a member. For monthly memberships, you simply will not be renewed for the following month.

We also back up work with our quality service guarantee: if you’re not completely satisfied in the first 30 days of your membership and we can’t make it right, we’ll fully refund you.

Can I pause my membership?

Yes, you can pause your membership for up to two months each year. Simply call our Homeowner Success Team at (866) 837-2050 to arrange this. Keep in mind, our ProCare preventative maintenance is part of our service to keep your home in top shape, even during your pause. Our team will work with you to ensure your home's needs are met seamlessly.

Can I transfer my membership?

Yes, you can transfer any remaining time on your membership to a new owner of your home, or you can take your membership to a new home if it’s within our service area.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide credit

What counts as an emergency maintenance issue?

One that is dangerous, hazardous, or could cause damage to the property or your personal well-being without immediate attention, such as no water or power, flooding or a broken pipe, and no heat when the outside temperature is below 50 degrees

ProCare Frequently Asked Questions

What is ProCare?

ProCare is our preventative maintenance program that plays a key role in your new worry-free home lifestyle. ProCare visits are conveniently scheduled throughout the year around our typical monthly visits and are designed to catch small issues early, ensure your home systems are working as they should, and to keep your home operating at peak performance– saving you time, money, and hassle in the long run.

Set it and forget it, we have you covered.

I am a realtor how can you help my clients?

Our HandyPros will help your new homeowners with a new homeowner orientation program. The goal of the orientation is to make your new homeowner feel 100% comfortable in your new home. The orientation is a key part of ProCare, our proactive maintenance program. During the orientation we explain everything you need to know about living in your home, including ways to help maintain it. And remember, your home had to pass a rigorous inspection prior to move-in

What are some of the preventative maintenance tasks that may apply to my home?

Our home experts know how to identify problems and mitigate the many issues that can come up as homes age.  Your HandyPro will be perform a thorough inspection of your home’s exterior

Questions? Yes, please.

Handy Homes is a new and, we think, better way to care for your home.

Please contact us  anytime with questions.  CALL: (866) 837-2050

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Handy Homes is the all-in-one solution for all your home maintenance needs.

Handy Homes helps homeowners save time and money by removing the burden and hassles of maintaining their homes. Now you can enjoy a well-maintained home and never think about home maintenance again.