Effortless home maintenance

Our mission is to make caring for your home as easy as pressing a button.

Our homes often need more attention that our busy schedules and lives allow, and finding quality solutions for all the parts of your home is often overwhelming. Not to mention, the added burden of keeping track of when services are due.

Handy Homes was created to remove the hassles of maintaining your home, by pairing homeowners with a skilled and vetted go-to handyman who serves you and your neighbors for all your home care needs. Our homeowner success team assists with part ordering, scheduling, and advice.

Here are the primary areas we help you:

  • Honey-dos are everyday household tasks you request for us to perform. This can include hanging/mounting, installing a product, fixing or adjusting, painting, patching, power washing, etc. You maintain your Honey-do list in our friendly app, and add honey-dos to upcoming appointments.
  • ProCare is preventative maintenance we personalize to protect your home investment across its most important systems. Throughout the year we will maintain your HVAC, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, plumbing, electrical, and structure. ProCare visits will be
  • Seasonal Opt-in Service are optional seasonal services provided by our partners. Use our friendly app to opt-in for services such as BBQ cleaning, gutters, interior window washing, and more. We will even pay the partner on your behalf, and bill your credit card on file.

A Handy Homes membership means more than just a better home experience; it’s a commitment to supporting our community with living-wage jobs. We're incredibly thankful for the support from our neighborhoods.

Handy Homes is built as a membership program because we understand your home is ever-evolving, requiring regular upkeep to stay in top shape and retain its value. ‍

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Discover Handy Homes: Your Go-To Home Services Provider in Rumson, NJ

Join your neighbors who will never look back.

We have run the numbers, and most members save $3,000 per year and 120 hours with a Handy Homes membership.

How we operate

Our Homeowner Success Team

Our Homeowner Success Team is the essential glue between our members and our HandyPros. They ensure everything runs like clockwork, coordinating part deliveries, managing project timelines, and providing hands-on support for all your home projects.

One service, a dedicated team, and expert advice providing you effortless home care.

One simple app
Reliability, quality, peace of mind. Gain peace of mind knowing your home is managed by fully vetted, licensed, and insured pros.

Effortlessly manage and schedule your HandyPro visits through the convenience of our mobile app.

  • View your home's repair history
  • Opt-in on discount offers and perks
  • It pays to be a member
  • Your membership supports a vital neighborhood service and local jobs.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Our free walk-through is a chance to meet your local HandyPro and he can evaluate your projects. And we may knock out a couple of your to do's while we are there.

He will also provide guidance on the many ways Handy Homes can assist you with your home maintenance, repair, and upgrades.

Got questions?  Give us a call (866) 837-2050

Simplify Your Life
Outsource your home maintenance

Handy Homes is the all-in-one solution for all your home maintenance needs.

Handy Homes helps homeowners save time and money by removing the burden and hassles of maintaining their homes. Now you can enjoy a well-maintained home and never think about home maintenance again.